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Patent / NETIS* Information

Japanese Patent No.5300611
"The Vessel and the Devices for Mud Sampling"

NETIS Registration No. KT-090015-V
"The 3D Measurement Methods at Extremely Shallow Shoals by C3D"

NETIS Registration No. KTK-130002-A
"The Precise Measuring Methods of Bottom Underwater by Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)"

(*) NETIS: “NEw Technology Information System” data base is owned and operated by MLIT, which provides reference information on new technologies on the surveying to the public.

Exploration equipment owned

・ Multi-beam echo sounder System (SEABAT8125, Sonic2024, PDR-8000 )
・ 3D side-scan sonar (C3D-LPM, EdgeTech4600, EdgeTech4200MP)
・ Extremely high resolution imaging sonar (DIDSON)
・ Stratum exploration system (Sub-bottom profiler, SH-20, Strata Box)
・ High-precision Inertial Navigation System (PHINS)
・ High-precision differential GPS navigation system (Star-Fire)―Single GPS