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  • 河川調査
  • ダム調査
  • 水産調査
  • 海洋・沿岸調査
  • 港湾調査


We conduct measurements and surveys on drift sand, erosion, scour, deep scouring, etc. in rivers and waterways. Our skills are especially adequate for assessing the situation around river constructions such as bridge piers and analyzing present construction status.

Since we conduct an overall measurement/ survey, by conducting them on a continuous basis, you will be able to assess the states of drift sand, erosion, scour and shifting of deep scour areas over the years, which were not acquired by conventional periodic transect sampling. Precise measurements and researches in extremely shallow water of approximately 30cm of depth are also possible by utilizing C3D-LPM.

The three dimensional measuring system using C3D is registered in NETIS (KT-090015-V).

Our underwater acoustic camera allows river construction confirmation in turbid water or biological observation without disturbing the run of fish in the water.



We measure and probe the state of drift sand in dams to provide analysis of the drift sand amount.

Since we conduct two dimensional water bottom survey, we can provide a more accurate analysis than that done by the periodic one dimensional sampling survey.

Sonic2024 enables us accurate measurement and research even in deep waters around the dam site.

Also, we are fully equipped for underwater construction, dredging and dredging work progress control in turbid water.



The fishery production in Japan has decreased by half compared to the peak amount. To recover this decrease and to conserve the rich ecosystem, the Fisheries Agency of Japan promotes projects such as the marine biology environment improvement project and the frontier fishing ground improvement project which aims at the recovery of the fishery resource by improving the fishing environment in the coastal to offshore zone. These projects encourage evaluation and the effective use of existing fishing reefs. They also mention the conditioning of fishing reefs, protective reefs, breeding reef, upwelling fishing grounds, seaweed bed creation, etc. to ensure continuity among fishing facilities and improvement in their functions.

The equipments we have are adequate for consecutively measuring and investigating the coastal zone all the way up to the offshore zone. The acquired data can be utilized as reference material when selecting suitable fishing sites or when studying the continuity of fishing facilities and can be also applied to construction completion and work progress control, maintenance control, effectiveness evaluation survey, etc.

Also, for fish reef effectiveness evaluation, we are prepared with image capturing equipments using no lights so as not to apply stress on the fish assemblage.



We conduct measurements and surveys at time of dredging for channel and harbor construction. Also, we measure and investigate the drift sand, erosion, scour, etc. in the seafloor around marine constructions such as breakwater, detached breakwater, groin, submerged breakwater, etc. As for marine measurement and survey, we conduct resources survey (ROV or AUV).

Since we conduct two dimensional water bottom survey, we provide analysis of the sand drifting state for effectiveness evaluation survey of coastal structures on sand beaches, with precision otherwise not acquired by conventional periodic one dimensional sampling survey.

For ship course and harbor dredging, the two dimensional water bottom survey allows acquisition of accurate dredging amount.

Same as for dam surveys, we are fully equipped for underwater construction, dredging and dredging work progress control in turbid water.



Besides the categories mentioned above, at AGS, we offer surveys, data analysis, database creation, and planning concerning the waters such as:

●Current and wave observation
●Environment survey
●Ecological survey
●Resource amount survey
●Geophysical survey

We also conduct surveys other than the above categories, such as underwater (lake bottom, sea bottom) archaeological investigation.

Please consult us if you have any trouble in survey and planning.